Folding Knife Use: The Spyderco Kris

About the Videos

The Spyderco Kris, designed by Ed Schempp, is the official knife of Albo Kali Silat. The knife was chosen as the official knife by Apohan Tuhan Hasting Albo due to the fact that it was a very high quality, folding kris and the design thus provided a link to Filipino culture and heritage while lending itself to multiple uses in kali. After first receiving one of these knives from me and then putting it through its paces in his typical exhaustive fashion, Apohan Tuhan Albo told me that he had chosen it as our official knife, and to order several of the knives, engraved with the Albo Kali Silat logo on each bolster. One such knife, one of two that currently belong to me, is used in this video. To satisfy the curiosity of anyone who is wondering if either Mr. Schempp or Spyderco has paid for an endorsement or provided other inducements to anyone associated with Albo Kali Silat, the answer is no. Apohan Tuhan Albo and I endorse this knife because we love the way it performs and, as a kris, we feel it links us back and pays homage to the long line of Filipino warriors who developed Albo Kali Silat and other kali, escrima, and arnis systems.

In a previous video, I utilized the Spyderco Kris along with a Cas Iberia Barong to demonstrate espada y daga techniques. There are two videos in this current series that deal with the use of a folding knife as an impact, pain compliance, and trapping tool. As the Spyderco Kris is our official knife, and it is very well suited, due to the length and design of its handle, for use, while closed, as a striking tool, to catch and trap an opponents limbs, or to press against nerve centers, major blood vessels, and organs, these videos were filmed while I used a Spyderco Kris. Please note that these videos are narrated. When I recorded these videos, the sound track was recorded simultaneously. Please ensure that you have the sound on your computer turned on in order to hear the narration and get the most benefit from watching these videos.

The first video starts with a close up of the engraved Spyderco Kris. Basic striking, checking, trapping, throwing, vascular constriction, and pressure point or bone manipulation techniques are shown in this first video.

Tuhan Holloway, July 2007

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