Punyo Techniques Demonstration
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This video is narrated, so please turn the sound on your computer to on. Please note that this is a fairly long video and may take some time to load.

This video begins with a demonstration of various techniques utilizing the punyo or butt of the baston (escrima stick). Please note that only very basic techniques are shown. There are many more advanced techniques, including advanced traps, locks, takedowns and limb destructions that are not depicted in this video.

Following a demonstration of some basic techniques, my student and I do a free form drill. In this drill, my student attacks with whatever techniques he chooses and I utilize the punyo to defend, set up combination attacks, and counterattack. There was no prearrangement, rehearsal or choreography in regard to this video. It is simply a demonstration of reaction to stimulus (attacks) provided by my student, Chris. In general, I move fairly slowly in this video. There are a few sections where I move fast enough that the baston blurs. At no time am I moving at full speed. Due to the fact that the punyo or butt is a close range weapon and thus traverses only a comparatively short distance to make an attack, a trained Kali practitioner can easily strike multiple times with the punyo in less than one second, making the baston appear to be a blur when filmed on a consumer grade video camera.

I hope that you enjoyed this video. Please contact me via email at tuhan@albokalisilat.org if you have any questions regarding this video or other content on this website.

Tuhan Holloway, November 2007

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