Power Generation at Close Range
About the Videos

I have had many questions from various students in seminars, law enforcement training, and other training sessions, concerning how I am able to move them around and hit with power from close range or unexpected angles. I explain the various principles behind balance disruption to them, and then I try to explain power generation. Many students have asked for a video that they could study and use as a reference point when training in close quarter striking and power generation. This video is an explanation on ways to generate power in striking and pushing.

There are many ways to generate power into a strike. Weight transfer and/or turning the hip and moving into the strike is a commonly understood method in the striking arts. However, at close quarters and in a knife environment, where movements have to be very fast and the opponent’s knife must remain in check during the engagement if you do not wish to suffer serious injury, sometimes this methodology is too slow to enable you to hit with the flurry of combinations and multiple hits that you may need to survive.

Notice, in this video, that when showing the rotational and whipping methodologies, I am not twisting my hips or moving/stepping into the strike. You will see my torso move a bit, as the whip or rotational strike is released, but you will not see the kind of hip movement or stepping normally associated with powerful strikes.

The bag that is being struck in the video weighs, as is mentioned frequently in the narration of the video, 120 pounds. This video is rather long, but I felt I needed the time to explain and illustrate the concepts necessary to understand the movement and the results that can be obtained. I hope this video assists my students, answers their questions, and assists those with whom I have not trained, but who have asked me questions about power generation. In this video, please note that I only go over a few of the methodologies which can generate power. There are many more methods. I hope you watch the video in its entirety and that it assists you in your training.

Train hard and stay safe,

Tuhan Holloway, May 2010

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