Low Level Techniques Against a Standing Attacker

About the Videos

This video is narrated, so please ensure that the sound on your computer is turned to the on position. One of the hallmarks of Albo Kali Silat is the ability to fight in the vertical, as well as horizontal planes. A good practitioner of Albo Kali Silat should be adept at going from long, to medium, to short range combat, and in going from high to low level attacks. This video shows me going from high to low level, staying in low level, and then going back to high level attacks and immediately returning to low level. My opponent in this sparring session, my student and assistant, Chris, attempted to remain on his feet throughout this video series. You can observe that being in a low level posture, such as hari mau (tiger), naga (snake/dragon) or kuha kuha (kneeling) can be very effective against an opponent who tries to attack from a standing position. The use of knee wheel/ground wheel techniques and other defensives while prone or supine is also demonstrated. The ease with which attacks, to include strikes, kicks, traps, and takedowns, can be directed against the standing opponents legs, and the various methods to block and disable the opponents legs if they are used in kicks, is an advantage of these low postures. Please note that these same postures can be used effectively in combat with weapons (stick and knife).

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