The Spyderco Barong Folding Knife
About the Videos

This video is a demonstration of some of the features and capabilities of the Spyderco Barong folding knife designed by Ed Schempp. I filmed this video shortly after breaking a bone in my right hand while training in Albo Kali Silat, so all of the techniques shown in this video are demonstrated with my left, non-dominant, hand. It was a good opportunity to show how important it is to be able to use both hands well if one is to be competent in self-defense and be able to continue to fight despite injuries.

I have demonstrated the capabilities of many Ed Schempp designs produced by Spyderco. The discontinued Spyderco Kris was designated the official knife of Albo Kali Silat by the late Apohan Tuhan Hasting Albo. I chose to complete a video featuring the Spyderco Barong for many reasons. I continue to admire Ed Schempps designs and have learned much about knife design through various conversations with him. He is a truly gracious and gifted person, and an encyclopedia of ergonomics when it comes to knife design and tool usage. I have seen many comments and questions on the Internet concerning the design of the Barong. Many people did not seem to understand the combative advantages embodied within this design. In a large part, I completed this video to answer some of the questions asked while demonstrating the various virtues of the Barong. Lastly, the Spyderco Barong is based on the Filipino barong short sword (for further information on the large, fixed blade barong, see the videos on this website where two barong short swords are demonstrated). Apohan Tuhan Hasting Albo would have been very happy to see Spyderco produce another Ed Schempp folding knife based on a large Filipino combat blade. I believe that Apohan Tuhan Albo would have considered the Spyderco Barong a fitting follow-up to the Spyderco Kris. I highly recommend that my students, and others interested in the combative use of the blade and Filipino martial arts, purchase a Spyderco Barong for their personal use.

I hope you enjoyed the video and that it served to answer any questions you had regarding the combative usage of the Spyderco Barong. As always, please note that I do not endorse knives which I do not use and do not receive any remuneration from Spyderco or Ed Schempp for demonstrating their designs. When I praise a knife design, it is because I have determined that it is a very good design and I would (and usually do) carry it myself.

Tuhan Jon Holloway, January 2009

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